Creative Studios

What is Cultured Creative Studios?

We are a creative agency specializing in food & table styling, events, catering, creative production & creative consultation. Created by Colette Wetzel, Cultured Creative Studios is the newest evolution of Cultured Grazing Company, a luxury catering service that was based in Austin, Texas. Adding our personal touch to your events has been nothing short of the joy of a lifetime and working with and meeting each of you in person fills our cup like no other. But, we’d like to connect with you in new ways. 
Over the years, we have grown our services to reflect our ever-growing passions, though our purpose remains the same: to inspire & spark joy through connection over a beautiful plate of food. In an effort to have a larger impact, we’ve come to realize that local catering simply doesn’t feel like enough. So, we’re expanding our services. We are excited to finally connect with you in more ways than one.

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